Thanks a million for commissioning PALISADES AMUSEMENT and giving it such an astounding premiere performance. Palisades Virtuosi are dynamite! - Paul Moravec

"A superb ensemble - Virtuosi is a name that aptly fits the musicianship and technical capacities of these 3 marvelous performers! Thanks to all of you for a wonderful performance...Not only were we thrilled with your performance of ‘Four Movements for Virtuosi’, but the entire program was beautifully played and well planned...It was a pleasure to be there, to listen to you, and meet you." - Carlos Franzetti

“It was a pure pleasure to compose music for the Palisades Virtuosi, and I was delighted with their recent performance of the resulting work.    This fine trio displays a high level of professionalism, polished musicianship, and loads of energy!  I am impressed not only with their creative programming, but also with their profound devotion to the music of our day.  For this I am grateful.” - Melinda Wagner

“I am beyond pleased by your superb recorded performance of my piece!  It is certainly among the very best performances I have had, and without question one of the best recordings, too. It was very moving to hear all that you put into this performance, and the enormous care, attention, understanding and emotion you brought to recording the piece. It is so beautifully and movingly played, yet never for a moment sentimental. It is a fantastic CD.  What a group!"  Thank you all for you amazing musicianship and dedication.  With affection and gratitude. - Allen Shawn

“I was thrilled to hear the Palisades Virtuosi premiere my “Palisades Suite”.  They are dear friends with whom I have collaborated intensely in the past.  Both Margaret Swinchoski and Ron Levy have previously recorded my music, and I have heard them play numerous times.  They are extraordinary musicians.  With their glorious sound, their wonderful expressivity, they capture the Neo-Classic/Neo-Impressionist style of my music just perfectly!  Along with Don, their amazing clarinetist, they form a superlative trio--brimming with life and excitement in their performances.  I am delighted that they are interested in recording the new piece I wrote for them, which has a wide variety of colors and moods, showing them off as both soloists and extraordinary ensemble players.” - Eric Ewazen

 "It is such an honor and a thrill that Palisades Virtuosi has chosen to record my "Dog Tales" to release on their Volume 6 CD along with other works they have commissioned.  PV's "Mission to Commission" is one the many great things this wonderful group does to further the introduction of new music into our communities and the chamber music catalogue. As we all know, every piece of music was new once. Margaret, Don, and Ron have taken it to the highest level with their commitment to commission new works for their ensemble. I'm just thrilled to be a part of Mission! Congratulations to PV!I I raise my glass from afar to you! - Adrienne Albert

"I have been one of the many composers that have had the honor to be commissioned by the Palisades Virtuosi. Their work is outstandingly professional and the playing of my composition was of the highest calibre. Beyond the overall musicality of the ensemble there is a great attention to detail and care for the promotion of new works.” -  Joseph Turrin

"My deepest and heartfelt THANKS to each of you, for your sensitive and masterful performance of REFLECTIONS, on your New American Masters CD [Vol. 6]. I so greatly appreciate that the Palisades Virtuosi chose to commission this piece. You are indeed, fulfilling with elegance and virtuosity, your stated "Mission to Commission" new American music, composed by American Composers. It is my fervent hope and wish that you continue with thsi noble and important mission of giving the world the oppotunity to hear new music played with such brilliant musicianship and dedication.   With great respect and love," - Gary William Friedman

"What a composer really wants is a committed and first-rate performance before a good-sized audience, and a chance to interact with performers and audience alike. This is exactly what the utterly inimitable trio, the Palisades Virtuosi, provides to those whom they have commissioned. For two very different works they have brought to life my musical visions with care, vividness, and great expressivity. Thanks!" - Paul Mack Somers

"Last week I received the recordings of my piece "Vathek." ... I have to say, you all did a smashing job of my piece! And it really worked all the better with Rob McClure's readings between the movements. Thank you so much for commissioning and playing my work!" - Kerry Turner

"I couldn't be more pleased with your beautiful performance of the piece, and I know your recording will engender many performances by others!" - Gary Schocker

"Thank you so much for the PV CD.  I admired your stylish, seasoned performances." - Lee Hoiby

"I am proud to have experienced a number of firsts with the Palisades Virtuosi. Back in 2003, when my friend Ron Levy mentioned his new trio and I shamelessly offered to take the first slot in their new commissioning campaign, I had no idea what would come of it: the first professional commission of my young career, my first piece to be performed more than once, my first commercial recording—all major milestones for me. Even beyond all that, I could not have guessed the unparalleled commitment to new music that these musicians would demonstrate year after year, and the esteemed company that would join me on the list of commissioned composers. It is so gratifying to see a piece I wrote living and breathing, instead of getting performed once and then sitting on a shelf!" - Aaron Grad

“The Palisades Virtuosi are a gift to composers.  Outstanding musicians with a willingness to tackle- and commission- new works in a variety of genres, they give continuing life to an art form struggling to remain current. Clone them!” - Gary Eskow

“To my ‘George Washington Slept Here!’, the Palisades Virtuosi brought careful attention to detail, flawless execution, and sheer joy. No composer could ask for more than what this group delivers. It was a honor and a privilege to write for them.” -  John Lampkin

“Palisades Virtuosi is a huge asset to NJ's classical music world. Their programming is fun and inventive, and creatively combines music from the past and the present with the highest of musical standards. They consistently draw diverse and enthusiastic audiences.  Working with PV is a composers' dream. They are virtuosi in the truest sense of the word. Their rendering of my piece had both technical brilliance and musical depth.” - Amanda Harberg

"Your concert was amazing! the work you guys do to promote new music is such a rarity, and it is always performed so well that it is as if you ave done each piece many times on the concert stage, what very few composers of new music get to experience!" - Patrick D. Finley

“Palisades Virtuosi is that rare gem of a chamber ensemble which is totally committed to the creation of new works by American composers. They commissioned and premiered my ‘Three Scenes from the Mountains’ and the great care, sheer professionalism and imagination these wonderful musicians brought to my music were more than I could imagine. This is a magnificent trio of unlimited possibilities.” - Robert Manno

"Many ensembles talk about their interest in performing the music of the composers of our day; the Palisades Virtuosi actually does it.  They are unique in their commitment to ongoing commissions and recordings of contemporary composers.  Furthermore, their performances are not only first-rate: they are well attended and well received by audiences of the general public; not just societies of other composers.  If one were to look at a model ensemble with an ongoing commitment to bringing composers to the public--and the public to composers--it would be the Palisades Virtuosi." - Randall E. Faust

 “I very much enjoyed working with the Palisades Virtuosi in 2008. This is a fine ensemble. Their performances are first-rate. And we composers appreciate musicians who have adventurous spirits in programming new music.  All praise and support goes to these players!” - Gwyneth Walker

"I am sincerely grateful to the Palisades Virtuosi for their commission of my 2nd Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano as well as for their excellent performances. Due to their efforts and dedication, the literature for this unusual combination of instruments ensemble is constantly being enriched. As a result of their policy of commissioning new works, many worthwhile compositions have emerged and been performed for the first time." - Frank Ezra Levy