In just 11 years Palisades Virtuosi has managed to record a substantial portion of its commissioned works. Their "Mission to Commission"® includes the preservation and dissemination of these works as a means of assuring their relevance in the music world.  Funded largely by private and foundation grants these recordings serve as a testament to the trio's enduring commitment to their talented composers.  


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Volume 6 is here!

PV's latest release with works by Adrienne Albert, Matthew Baier, Gary William Friedman, Linda Marcel, Ting Ho, Jeff Scott and Gary Schocker!

Released in 2006, this album includes works by Dan Cooper, Aaron Grad, John Lampkin, Richard Lane, Robert Manno, Godfrey Schroth and Paul Mack Somers.

"The stylistic and emotional range of this release is as extraordinary as is Palisades Virtuosi’s fine-tuned ensemble work...  In terms of intonation, articulation, and musical insight, Palisades Virtuosi represent the best of our current world-class standards." --FANFARE MAGAZINE

"..sterling, clean performance."

", polished performance..."

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This 2008 release includes works by Gary Eskow, Carlos Franzetti, Frank Ezra Levy, Caroline Newman and Allen Shawn.

"The NJ based PV are truly definitive.  That is to  say that their standard of playing is both masterful and in full support  of the contemporary composers who have contributed and will continue to  contribute to their growing repertoire.  They and their composers are exploring, and revealing, the possibilities of their unique ensemble..." -- FANFARE MAGAZINE

2010 saw the release of New American Masters, Vol. 3 which included works by Eric Ewazen, Randall E. Faust, jazz legend Dick Hyman, Fred Messner, Ben Model and Brian Schober

"There is not a single detail of execution or recorded sound to quibble with here, and fans of all three instruments will find much to admire and emulate. Sustaining a repertoire is a noble cause, but creating one is a feat few dare to attempt with such sustained effort. Kudos to Palisades Virtuosi for their noble mission."  --FANFARE MAGAZINE

In 2012 Volume 4 of the New American Masters series was released including works by Ryan Francis, Matthew Halper, Amanda Harberg, Sunbin Kim, Joseph Turrin, Melinda Wagner and Gwyneth Walker.  

"This is an enjoyable recital, both in the music and performances. ...Recommended to those who enjoy well-written woodwind music, and to others interested in exploring worthwhile music by American composers who are not yet household names." --FANFARE MAGAZINE

PV's 2014 release - Works by James Chwalyk, Jr, Sergio Garcia-Marruz, Pulitzer Prize winner, Paul Moravec, Steve Perillo, David Sampson, Raymond Wojcik and Donald Reid Womack.

"True “virtuosi,” the performers aren’t daunted by the occasionally demanding scores, but penetrate easily to the heart of each singularly different offering."

"As everywhere on this disc, the players respond with both virtuosity and style; the actual standard of recording is of the very highest throughout."

"A stimulating collection of world premiere recordings."