School Programs

Palisades Virtuosi’s unique combination of instruments and engaging stories entertain and educate students of all ages. Our program offerings include familiar classical works in addition to newly commissioned pieces. Each program is designed to relate to specific educational goals.  We strive to involve each student and foster collaboration among classmates and with the artists of PV. Below are the programs we currently offer for students in grades K thru 12. 

click photo to download PDF brochure

click photo to download PDF brochure

“Meet the Instruments”

Grades K - 3 (or K-4)

This program introduces the flute, clarinet and piano through selections from famous pieces; Peter & the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals and Carmen. Children learn how we make our sounds, how our instruments work and enjoy the variety of characters that these instruments can portray. (45 minutes) 

Instrument Workshop

Grades 5 - 8

Children in middle school who are already learning flute, clarinet or piano work in groups with the artists of Palisades Virtuosi. Focus is on addressing students’ questions, mastering advanced techniques on their instrument, reinforcing the school music directors’ lesson plans and helping with current school repertoire. The workshop then culminates in a joint performance of a work for flutes, clarinets & keyboards. The artists of PV will consult with the school music director in advance to coordinate any specific needs of their students. (60 - 90 minutes) 

“Stories in Music”

Grades 5 - 6 (or 4-6)

Children are introduced to the instruments and to the concept of stories-in-music through short selections from Peter & the Wolf. Then PV helps the students to create their own story through one of their commissioned works, The Spice of The Program by Ben Model. This is a programmatic work with distinct sections that vary in character and mood. We perform the work in its entirety, then work through and discuss each section: the actions, characters or mood the music could possibly portray. We then perform the work in its entirety again to let the children finish formulating their stories. If their teacher opts for it, a winning story or stories may be published on our website. (45 - 50 minutes) 

Master Class and Performance for High School Students

Advanced students of flute, clarinet & piano participate in master classes for each of their instruments, work individually and as a group with the artists of PV. Master classes will be followed by a short concert in which selected students will be invited to join PV for at least one work. Often scheduled as a special after-school event, the master classes can focus on audition repertoire for Regional and State competitions, support the school’s instrumental program repertoire or be adapted to fit the needs of each specific music program. (90 - 120 minutes) 

Composition Workshop for High School Students

Internationally recognized, Palisades Virtuosi has been commissioning works for flute, clarinet & piano since 2003. Through their on-going subscription series they have brought more than 30 new works to the concert stage, giving audiences a new appreciation for contemporary compositional styles and cementing their status as world-class artists. In this workshop the artists of PV will perform selections from their commissioned works, discuss the compositional techniques used by those composers and then discuss and answer questions for student composers. Works by high school composers may be selected for performance at the annual Bergen County Teen Arts Festival or may be programmed on a Palisades Virtuosi Subscription Series concert. (90 Minutes) 

“Music through the Ages”

This program is designed for Music Appreciation classes on the College level (or advanced High School level). Palisades Virtuosi presents a program of works representing Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th and 21st Century compositional styles with informative (and often amusing) discourse on the composers and their times. (60 minutes)